When All Is Said And Done out today


When All Is Said And Done by Adam Lopez is finally out today! After the first demo I produced for Adam back in 2011, called Till The End Of Time (never released), he came back to me in 2012 with a song called Kaleidoscope. I was blown away by the complexity and musicianship of that recording and we started to work on an EP consisting of 5 songs, which I would produce between my other projects. But 5 became 7, 7 became 10, until by the end of 2013 we had a full 14-track album. When All Is Said And Done was actually a late addition and it was my suggestion that he should record an ABBA tune. Luckily he agreed and I was over the moon that he chose this one. Ofcourse, the Frida vocal (and the Benny / Björn / Michael Tretow production) was a tough act to follow, but I think Adam did the song proud and made it his own. The album Kaleidoscope is out sometime this summer, but for now, here is the first single. It is available to download from most digital stores, and a physical 5-track single is available only from the Energise Records website.

Here is a short featurette where Adam and I discuss how this recording came about, and you also get a glimpse of the track’s studio project: http://tiny.cc/aoaahx

Or watch the single preview here: http://tiny.cc/zpaahx WAISAD Single CD

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