Vampire Bites – out now!

Well in time for Halloween, Bruno Alexander – Vampire Bites is out now!Check out the full bruno-energiseMatt Pop Eerie Edit remix video on YouTube:

Written by Charlie Mason & Mark Smith, remixes by Matt Pop & Ricardo Autobahn.


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ABBA – That’s Me (Matt Pop Mixes)

It’s October 11, 2016, exactly 40 years after ABBA‘s Arrival album was released in Sweden. Without further ado, let’s celebrate its anniversary with this brandnew remix of That’s Me, which is one of my all-time favourite ABBA tracks. It comes in 2 versions: the edit, which I used for my video, and the club mix, which is available to buy from Legitmix. Here are all relevant links:
That’s Me – Matt Pop Edit, Vimeo:
That’s Me – Matt Pop Edit, YouTube:

That’s Me – Matt Pop Club Mix, buy/listen on Legitmix:

abba-thats-me-alternative-shot thats-me-sleeve-final-jpg-large

ABBA Arrival celebrations and download

Goodmorning, everyone! And when I say everyone, I actually mean ABBA fans in particular, as today we kick off a week of celebrating the arrival of Arrival (sorry), 40 years ago this week. The album that gave us Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Money, Money, Money was arguably the first proper ABBA album; a confident, cohesive body of songs, rather than the mixed bag of earlier albums Ring Ring and Waterloo, as enjoyable as those were. Arrival marked the birth of that big, sparkly ABBA sound that would make them one of the most admired and copied studio acts of all time. Of the 10 tracks on the original album, I have thus far remixed 6: Dancing Queen, Dum Dum Diddle, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Arrival, Tiger and That’s Me – more about that last one tomorrow. This week I am giving away my mixes of Dum Dum Diddle and Arrival, both of which were done around 5 years ago. Arrival incorporates sound clips from ABBA: The Movie and Dum Dum Diddle was made using the live vocals from the ABBA-Dabba-Dooo!! TV special. ***Download available for one week only. Files expire Monday, October 17 and will not be re-uploaded*** Enjoy the freebies and see you tomorrow for That’s Me :) Download link dum-dum-arrival-hoesje-jpg

Official Matt Pop Erasure remix

The spectacular 13-disc Erasure box set “From Moscow To Mars” shall include “Heavenly Action – Matt Pop’s Planet Cupid Mix”; the first official club mix of this single since the 80s. Release is October 21, 2016 and orders are taken now through Lexer Music:                                                                   and Pledge Music: erasure_moscow_to_mars_1000