Available exclusively from the Matt Pop Legitmix page, this is the 2015 Club Mix of Welcome To New York by Taylor Swift! http://lgt.mx/+8Lk welcome to new york sleeve 3

Here is a little Thank You for your continued support of my work – both the official and unofficial varieties – in the form of no less than 18 Matt Pop Mash-Ups, uploaded for you as WAV files; the best-sounding versions of these mixes you will find anywhere. Some have been shared before, others will probably be new to most of you (even if they were made between 5 and 10 years ago in some cases). A little note about BeyoncĂ©: she features three times in this give away, not because I am a massive fan of Ms. Knowles (I’m not) but simply because at the time I started doing mash-ups, I was always looking for good, clean, official a capella’s, and hers were floating around on The Net in abundance. Plus, I really like the way those mixes turned out. These mash-ups are unofficial, uploaded for your personal enjoyment, so please be courteous and don’t share, sell, re-post, or upload as your own work (all that has happened to me in the past). Enjoy the tunes! Matt Pop. ***DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY; FILES WILL NOT BE RE-UPLOADED. EXPIRY DATE JULY 20, 015***Download link: http://we.tl/huKn7JEeZAmashup mayhem 4 (Large)


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“Nightlife” out now!

The long awaited album NIGHTLIFE by Hazell Dean is released digitally today (Xbox Music, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes). Both the 17-track download version and the 2-disc, 24-track CD edition, include 6 Matt Pop remixes plus much more goodies by Dean and Ware, Luke Labarre, Tony Marinello, Ross Alexander, Andy Haldane and Sleazesihazell credits largesters. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ZQMAJYO