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Win 1 of 2 “Kaleidoscope” CD’s, autographed by Matt Pop and Adam Lopez.
Here’s how:
Send either Matt Pop or Adam Lopez a “Private” message on Facebook with the following:

1) Your name and Country you’re from
2) Answers to the below 2 questions:

a) What was Adam’s first Guinness World Record note?
b) What was the first song Matt Pop produced for the Kaleidoscope album?

Two lucky winners will be drawn and announced on the 29th of December 2014 on Matt Pop and Adam Lopez‘s Facebook pages.

Good luck! Kaleidoscope - signed

Featuring my recent unofficial mixes of Survivor, Kylie and ABBA. Also, I dug up some oldies for you, and here they are with a short explanation:
Diana Ross & Lionel Richie: Endless Love (Matt Pop Twinkly Mix) Not to be confused with the mash-up I did of this with New Order, the Twinkly Mix is sweet, beat-free and…twinkly.
A Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (Matt Pop Mix) My favourite song by this band. I did this mix around the year 2000.
José E Los Reyes – Lailola (Matt Pop Mix) A little-known bootleg by me of a song that was a hit in Holland in 1983. José E Los Reyes later morphed into the Gipsy Kings.
Kelis – Milkshake (Matt Pop Mix) This has been on YouTube for a while, many years ago. I still think it’s quite cute, if a little ‘light’.
Madonna, Kraftwerk + My Mine – Ray Of Hypnotic Taschenrechner (Matt Pop Mix) Title says it all really, doesn’t it?
Mika – Relax (Matt Pop Mix) – A few of you requested this. I still enjoy it, too.
The Cure – Caterpillar (Matt Pop Mix) From my earliest remixing days. I find it a bit amateurish now, but at the same time it does have its charm. Almost didn’t make it onto this compilation, but I thought I’d throw it in for variation anyway.
Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last (Matt Pop Mix) I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response this got when Jason Davis put it on his Facebook page. Again, one of my earliest remixes.
Yazoo – Get Set (Matt Pop’s Restoration Mix) The long lost Yazoo track that finally got a (digital) release in 2010. It had been the theme song for BBC1 TV show “Get Set For Summer” in 1983. I did my mix a few years before its official release, using the audio from video transfers, hence the tape hiss and the obvious tape artifacts. At that time, Yazoo fans were convinced that Get Set would never see the light of day, so I set out to restore the existing poor quality chunks of the song into a coherent, better sounding version. I had to recreate many of the synth parts to fill in the blanks. You can download these mixes here. (link will expire December 7th!) Download link
Dance CLassics Matt Pop

 You’ve heard them all before; I’ve given them all away before. But isn’t the beauty of Christmas that you get to listen to the same songs year after bloody year? Included are: Erasure – She Won’t Be Home (Matt Pop‘s Snow Globe Mix), Kelly Clarkson – Oh Holy Night (Matt Pop Mix), Matt Pop – In Dulci Jubilo, Matt Pop – Sleigh Ride, Patti Page – Christmas Bells (Matt Pop Mix), Wham! – Last Christmas (Matt Pop Mix). Download expires December 7th! Download link
Matt Pop Christmas Goodie Bag 2014


Kaleidoscope is the new album by amazing vocalist Adam Lopez. Apart from being an extremely gifted singer and composer, Adam is also a two time Guinness World Record Holder. From Adam‘s bio: “In March of 2003, Lopez decided to test the waters with Guinness World Records to see if his unusual vocal ability qualified him as a Record Holder by singing the note D7, which is the last D on a Grand Piano. This feat caught the attention of the Australian Television production of Guinness World Records in 2005 resulting in being invited to perform his high vocal notes in the Seven Network Studios in Sydney along with a live audience and Guinness World Records Officials. Lopez smashed his own world record by singing 11 semitones higher and setting a new World Record by reaching C Sharp in the 8th Octave. One semi-tone higher than a Grand Piano. This achievement has astounded audiences from all around the world leading him to perform and appear on international television and radio stations in Japan, Spain, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong and the USA.” And yes, there are a few of Adam‘s famous high notes on the album!
Kaleidoscope features a variety of styles, ranging from pop/dance to ballads (the chilling ‘Eternally’ and power anthem ‘I Believe In You’) and more experimental productions, with some operatic influences as well. Many layers of vocals and harmonies showcase Adam‘s amazing abilities as singer and arranger. CD’s are now flying from Australia around the world, the digital version is available from download platforms now. All tracks written, recorded and arranged by Adam Lopez and produced by Matt Pop. Physical copies feature the bonus track When All Is Said And Done, a cover of the ABBA classic. You can order now from  1452588_10152396405816426_608089404144624350_n