Matt Pop’s Safety Dance Bootleg mix gets official thumbs up

Ivan, the singer of Men Without Hats, said on their Facebook page that he approves of the Matt Pop bootleg mix of their biggest hit, The Safety Dance! The mix is now getting shared like crazy on the Internet. So thank you Ivan! 

About Matt

Matt Pop is a producer and remixer from The Netherlands, known for his mixes for RuPaul, Almighty, Andy Bell, Peter Wilson, Nicki French, Hazell Dean, Cilla Black, Erasure, Bucks Fizz, Lonnie Gordon, Pierre Pascual and many others. He also has quite a reputation for doing unauthorised bootlegs that prove popular with fans and often also the original artists themselves. The many unofficial Matt Pop ABBA mixes have gained him a loyal follwing amongst fans of the Swedish Fab Four. His style is uplifting, vocal, melodic and electronic.