1.000 subscribers on YouTube!

Matt Pop‘s official YouTube channel now has 1.000 followers! We’re not Lady Gaga yet (536.595 subscribers) but really: do we want to be? So, to celebrate our steadily growing select little group of pop-lovers, I have uploaded no less than 6 Matt Pop mixes for you here:  http://wtrns.fr/gLfvntZwI0-8c.

It’s a nicely mixed bag of goodies; 2 favourites from my former account, that are no longer on my channel, one mix that has never been heard, one instrumental for you synth fans, and yes: there is also a Matt Mix of a certain well known Swedish group that was fairly succesfull in the Seventies and Eighties.  The link will be active until November 22, 2011. So, enjoy your free tunes but do please support the artists buy paying for their music, too. Here’s to a thousand more!