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Ma Belle Amie (Matt Pop Mixes)

Matt Pop has remixed Dutch pop classic Ma Belle Amie by Tee-Set, now released as Matt Pop & Tee-Set.
“A fresh new reggae-flavoured remix of this Dutch pop classic that reached #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1970, and was a major hit across Europe, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Matt Pop had access to the master tapes from the 1960s and has created a version that sounds fresh and current, whilst retaining the song’s original charm.”
Release: 29-4-2022
Find the mixes on Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify using this link:

Reach For The Sky (Matt Pop Mixes)

Reach For The Sky by Misha Singer, released as a single on May 3rd 2022.
The main version was on the Dieter Bohlen tribute album 10 Shades Of Blue last year, but now you get no less than 8 versions on the Bandcamp single, featuring edits, club mixes, dub mixes and instrumentals by Matt Pop and Stormby.
The streaming and download links are listed on
The Matt Pop Radio Mix and the Stormby Club Mix Edit are available via all popular streaming platforms while the extended, dub and instrumental versions are exclusively available on Bandcamp.