Second trailer for the Matt Pop Unleashed Box Set!


50 tracks spread over 4 discs: Exclusive mixes, new ones, rare ones; tracks by Sinitta, Nicki French, Allan Jay, Supercub, Hazell Dean, Peter Wilson, Paul Parker and many more, plus a Best Of selection spanning the last 8 years of my work for Energise.

Some exclusives:

* A brandnew pure pop track written by Adam Lopez, with vocals by Rachel Head;
* Allan Jay: I Owe You Nothing (Bros cover)
* Allan Jay’s cover of one of the campest-ever Eurovision tracks Drama Queen (Danish entry from 2007).
* My brandnew tribal-flavoured club mix of The Day You Said Goodbye by the fabulous Sinitta
* The fully extended club mix of Crashing Down by Nicki French and Suzanna Dee.
* Supercub – Dancing Inside (full length PWL-insipred club mix; a track that has been waiting in the wings for a long time!)
* Two of my instrumental Jean-Michel Jarre covers are included
* An exclusive re-recording of my bootleg Carpenters mix For All We Know; a mix many of you have been asking for. We couldn’t use the original Carpenters vocals, but just wait until you hear this version…
* New Hazell Dean, Nicki French and Peter Wilson mixes, made especially for this set.

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Physical Release: 12th February 2018

Digital Release: 22nd February 2018