Luv’ Book+CD

Today was the official press launch of The Story Of Luv’, the book about the ultimate Dutch pop act Luv’, who sold millions of records world-wide during the late 70s and early 80s. The book contains a cd featuring all the hits, plus 3 bonus tracks, two of which are new Matt Pop remixes. The full tracklisting is below. This was the first time I saw the finished book and I can honestly say that it is pure joy to leaf through the many stories, articles and memories, and see the hundreds of photographs, from mega-glamorous to disarmingly candid. Some of the photo sessions have to be seen to be believed, giving new depth to the term cheesy. Wonderful 🙂  Tomorrow is the fan day, where Luv’ fans can get their hands on the book and mingle with fellow pop lovers. José and Marga will be present, too. You can order your book+cd here:

Tracklisting of the cd “The Music Of Luv'” that comes with this book:

1.   My Man
2.   Dream Dream
3.   U.O.Me
4.   You’re The Greatest Lover
5.   Trojan Horse
6.   CasanovaDSCN6594 (Medium)
7.   Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
8.   Ooh, Yes I Do
9.   Ann Maria
10. One More Little Kissy
11. My Number One
12. Tingalingaling
13. 3X3=Disco Medley
14. Life Is On My Side (Matt Pop Album Mix)
15. Trojan Horse (Matt Pop Album Mix)

About Matt

Matt Pop is a producer and remixer from The Netherlands, known for his mixes for RuPaul, Almighty, Andy Bell, Peter Wilson, Nicki French, Hazell Dean, Cilla Black, Erasure, Bucks Fizz, Lonnie Gordon, Pierre Pascual and many others. He also has quite a reputation for doing unauthorised bootlegs that prove popular with fans and often also the original artists themselves. The many unofficial Matt Pop ABBA mixes have gained him a loyal follwing amongst fans of the Swedish Fab Four. His style is uplifting, vocal, melodic and electronic.