Peter Wilson releases

Peter Wilson‘s new single Laser Light, the title track of his most succesfull album to date, will be released digitally on 29 october 2012. It will be a double whammy with all new mixes of When Love Is Said And Done included as well! Both tracks were produced by Matt Pop and written by Matt and Peter Wilson. The Lonesome Jubilee Mix of When Love Is Said And Done is  Matt’s classic extended album mix – the  version so many of you have been asking about!

Digital track listing:

1. Laser Light (Radio Mix)
2. Laser Light (Almighty Radio Mix)
3. Laser Light (Matt Pop’s Love Truth & Lasers Mix)
4. Laser Light (Almighty Club Mix)
5. When Love Is Said And Done (Matt Pop’s New Start Radio Mix)
6. When Love Is Said And Done (Matt Pop’s Lonesome Jubilee Mix)

Energise Records are offering a very limited run of a 2 CD-R set, which includes the now retracted single When Love Is Said And Done. This 2-disc offer is available for a short time only, so order yours now!


1. Radio Mix

2. Almighty Radio Mix

3. Matt Pop‘s Love Truth And Lasers Mix

4. Almighty Club Mix

5. Album Version

6. Almighty Club Dub * (exclusive to this cd)


1. Radio Mix

2. Matt Pop‘s New Start Radio Mix

3. Matt Pop‘s Lonesome Jubilee Mix

4. Matt Pop‘s New Start Club Mix * (exclusive to this cd)

About Matt

Matt Pop is a producer and remixer from The Netherlands, known for his mixes for RuPaul, Almighty, Andy Bell, Peter Wilson, Nicki French, Hazell Dean, Cilla Black, Erasure, Bucks Fizz, Lonnie Gordon, Pierre Pascual and many others. He also has quite a reputation for doing unauthorised bootlegs that prove popular with fans and often also the original artists themselves. The many unofficial Matt Pop ABBA mixes have gained him a loyal follwing amongst fans of the Swedish Fab Four. His style is uplifting, vocal, melodic and electronic.