Matt Pop restores 2 “lost” P.W.L. tracks for Sam Fox!

On June 25th 2012, Cherry Pop Records will be releasing deluxe 2-cd editions of four Samantha Fox albums. One of these, Just One Night, features two tracks Sam started recording with P.W.L. early 1991, that were never finished. They are That’s What Love Can Do (the track that later became a hit for Boy Krazy) and the much talked about but never heard A Second Chance. I can reveal now that both these recordings have been fully restored by Matt Pop, entirely in the spirit of  Stock, Aitken & Waterman records of that time. Matt Pop had access to many of the original P.W.L. sounds, and full co-operation from the staff in charge of the Stock, Aitken & Waterman back catalogue. Whilst to some  die-hard P.W.L. fans this will sound like second best to the real thing (meaning: a track produced from start to finish by the magic trio), it was a choice between this, or simply letting these tracks lie,  gathering dust on a shelf. Great care has been taken in making these records sound as authentic as possible, and both Matt Pop and  P.W.L. are very pleased with the finished tracks. It has already been said by one of the few people who have heard them, that A Second Chance sounds like the hit Sam might have had! The re-issue of Just One Night will include 7″ and extended mixes of both tracks.

Matt Pop would like to personally thank Tom Parker at P.W.L. for allowing  access to the Hit Factory vaults,  for his invaluable advice and suggestions during the production, for his incredible knowledge of all things P.W.L. and for actually pulling this thing off.

About Matt

Matt Pop is a producer and remixer from The Netherlands, known for his mixes for RuPaul, Almighty, Andy Bell, Peter Wilson, Nicki French, Hazell Dean, Cilla Black, Erasure, Bucks Fizz, Lonnie Gordon, Pierre Pascual and many others. He also has quite a reputation for doing unauthorised bootlegs that prove popular with fans and often also the original artists themselves. The many unofficial Matt Pop ABBA mixes have gained him a loyal follwing amongst fans of the Swedish Fab Four. His style is uplifting, vocal, melodic and electronic.