Haywoode: Bounce Back out now!

British singer/dancer/model Sid Hawoode enjoyed considerable success in the late 80’s, scoring international hits such as Roses, Getting Closer and A Time Like This. Her debut album Arrival featured two early Stock Aitken and Waterman tracks (Better Not Fool Around and Getting Closer) and a cover of Prince‘s I Wanna Be Your Lover. The album has been a much sought-after collector’s item for many years, until its 2010 re-release in expanded, re-mastered form on the excellent Cherry Pop label (http://www.cherryred.co.uk/).

Work on her come-back album “Bounce Back” (initially called THE Bounce Back) was actually completed more than a year ago but the release date kept being re-scheduled due to a variety of factors, including a change of management and record company. All boring business stuff really, so let’s skip to November 2011, as it is finally here! The album was executive produced by Haywoode and T1 Music Australia, who also wrote most of the songs. Matt Pop was brought in early on by Peter Wilson of T1 to co-produce. With Sid Haywoode and writing partner Marco Allegrini in New York, Matt Pop in Holland and T1 Music in Australia,  Bounce Back was an effort on a global scale! Luckily, all the hard work has paid off and everybody involved is very proud of the outcome. The album features new versions of her popular tracks Roses and Getting Closer, as well as a unique PWL mix of He’s Got Magic, a version that was only available on a very hard to find vinyl pressing until now. The full mix is included here for the first time in its full digital glory! As for the rest of the album: Haywoode herself describes her sound as pop/soul/dance and I’d say she is spot on. Make your own mind up and check out the previews on i-Tunes or Amazon. The physical cd will be released in a few weeks time if you still prefer a shiny plastic disc – and who doesn’t?

Check out the track-by-track album preview on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVUWZL-9Y5Q

About Matt

Matt Pop is a producer and remixer from The Netherlands, known for his mixes for RuPaul, Almighty, Andy Bell, Peter Wilson, Nicki French, Hazell Dean, Cilla Black, Erasure, Bucks Fizz, Lonnie Gordon, Pierre Pascual and many others. He also has quite a reputation for doing unauthorised bootlegs that prove popular with fans and often also the original artists themselves. The many unofficial Matt Pop ABBA mixes have gained him a loyal follwing amongst fans of the Swedish Fab Four. His style is uplifting, vocal, melodic and electronic.